Bosco Pietro puts us the signature! New image, new website

After many decades of production and research into the best quality of the finished product, the company decides to start a new era presenting itself to its customers with a new identity. New brand, new catalog, new website, new production models! The company wants to align itself with the times that change and evolve, while maintaining its identity created so fatigue in almost a century of history.

The choice to use as a new brand a "signature" is given by the constant and continuous attention craftsmanship and tailoring on its product so that it can guarantee its customer its quality by "signing" metaphorically every single piece. The new website aligns itself with new trends; Programmed in mobile mode briefly tells its story but immediately goes on to describe its products so that it can make the user a clear, simple, fast and direct navigability experience. The new catalog ... is all to discover! Request it by mail by filling out the form on the home page or at info@boscopietro.it